Monday, June 18, 2012

Notes on Things (and Things of Note)

  • The new Metric album?  Rocking my world, just like their last album. Can't quite seem to listen to anything else, no matter how hard I try!
  • South Lake Tahoe in the summertime is kinda magical. Especially when you get to stay in a big, beautiful house on a small lake with a hot tub! I'm usually there in the winter, so it was a nice (and hot) change of pace.
  • I seriously can't believe how booked up my summer has become - and summer isn't even starting until Wed!  Phew! I'm certainly not complaining, but a little down time might be nice.  From Tahoe to Reno to Montana, oh my! Camping and gambling and volunteering and birthday-ing, when will I have time to Prepare for the Playa?
  • Speaking of Burning Man, Ryan and I went to Joann's on our way back from Tahoe to pick up some project-like things.  Needless to say, I have a few yards of toule and an elastic band just waiting for that non-existent down time I mentioned above.  Tutu, anyone?
  • My 30-day Vegan Challenge started today, it was sorta inspired by the E2 Diet I read about last week via Whole Foods.  I'm curious what changes will come from this - I'm hoping for clearer skin, a happier belly and digestive tract, a little bit of weight loss, a lot more energy, and a decrease in my insomnia-related ailments.  After 30 days, I'm not sure what will happen.  I have to make it to day 30 first, people!  I'm hoping to move to a pescatarian diet, if nothing else.  But honestly, we'll have to see.  A follow up blog on how my Day 1 went to come later.  Got a favorite vegan food or recipe? I'd love to hear about it!
  • Remember how I said I was in Tahoe this weekend? It was for a wedding and I wore these little devils:
  • As cute as they are, wearing them to an outdoorsy wedding got me a golfball sized ankle.  *Sigh*

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