Sunday, December 18, 2005

Rack 'Em

Phew! I made it out alive! I feel like utter crap-ola, but I think somehow I may just make it out semi-alive. Hooray for drinking!
So yesterday was the bridal shower. Why do I always start my sentences with so? Anyways, bridal showers are fun. There was delicious appetizers (shrimp and veggies and spinach/artichoke dip and li'l smokies and mozzarella sticks) and even more delicious mimosas. Plus I finally gotted (yep, gotted is a word in RM dictamanary) to see Taylor and Sarah (Christine's sis, not myself) and Carla and Sheila, so that was awesome. I love my NC girls! And Sheila's like my own mom in southern form, a wee weird since she's actually from Cali and currently living in Live-No-More. She wants to have lunch since she isn't working now and she lives about 5 minutes from my work... I think that can be arranged. I know she misses her girls and would love to see me more, so I should really make more of an effort to see her and Dani.
After the shower we all came back to the house to wind down and prepare for the drinking. Carla and Taylor had gone straight to Rack 'Em, so we went to meet them there. Maybe 6ish? More like 7. Pretty early, in other words. Carla bought everyone the first drink of the night - a shot of SoCo and lime juice. It was actually pretty good! Then we moved to the beers. I had a couple of New Castles (guys at the bar kept buying us rounds-it was freakin awesome!) and then too many Surfers. A guy that was far too old kept trying to talk to me and I am too polite so I talked back to him. We attempted to ditch the old guys at some point and traversed to the Sand Bar across the way for some karaoke good times but they followed. One of the regulars Bobby was kind enough to take us under his wing to get their attentions to some of the other single girls there. Thank goodness, they were pretty irritating. And one of them was actually a guys who broke Lizzie's leg 2 weeks ago at a club downtown! Apparently he claimed to have been a Chip n Dale's dancer 20 years ago, so she was dancing with him and she threw her leg up over his shoulder and when she went to put her leg down he knocked her over and broke her leg. Oops! So she was supposed to officiate the wedding but that seems pretty difficult in a full leg cast so I have been designated to help her out. No problem! Anything for my baby-girl! Except that I don't really know all (or any) of the details... I'll do the best I can.
So eventually I had had enough beer and the peeps were getting sleepy... Tina and Jeff wanted their own bed back which they were nice enough to offer me the previous night, so I went and stayed at Carla's. We went back there with Taylor, some guy I don't remember the name of, Bobby, and Mark (oh lala Carla!) and drank more beer and listened to my favorite music ever for many hours! Yay country! They kept singing, it was horrendously awesome. They kept saying "Welcome to the South!" It was hilarious. And awful. But mostly hilarious.
Sleep was a good idea to me at some point, so I laid down while they continued the sing fest in the front room. When I awoke, I had no cell phone so I had to wait for the other drunkies to wake up so I could call anybody to come get me... the only cars were Bobby's and Mark's and Bobby wasn't there and Mark was in with Carla (oh lala Carla!) so I played the waiting game until Carla finally got up at like 2 and I called Christine and she had Jeff come pick me up.
Ok, Jeff just claimed I'm writing War and Peace over here, so I better wrap it up! The end is now, full of eggs and bacy and excedrin and water. Thank you Jeff! The bestest hst in the west... errr... east!
~*~Raevyn Mystique~*~

Friday, December 16, 2005

Sleep Is For The Weak!

Yay for North Carolina! I finally made it! I thought I'd never get here, but I did. I am totally and utterly exhausted but I don't even care. I miss my Tina-Bina!
So I left Oakland at about 10:30 last night and flew into Atlanta. Pretty uneventful flight, really. There was a plane-newbie sitting next to me who kept asking all sorts of questions, but she was a super cute teen from New Orleans so it was all right. I like meeting new people from new places, and I had the window seat so who can complain?!? There was actually a movie on the flight-Wallace and Grommit: Curse of the Wererabbit, but the story got lost on me when my right headphone wouldn't receive any sound unless I manually held the jack in the plug 0.333 of the way in and that wasn't going to happen so yeah, I slept. Woo sleep! Well, I wouldn't necessarily call it sleep since it was on a plane and I probably didn't get the best sleep ever, but I don't remember the movie ending, so yay!
Atlanta was exciting. Ok, I'm an awful liar! I spent over 3.5 hrs there with a crap-load of guys in army gear. Maybe 90% of the terminal were different colored uniforms... I guess everyone's going home for the holidays?
So I fall asleep in the terminal after people watching for an hour or so and wake up right before my flight should be boarding. Emphasis on the should be. Apparently we were one flight attendant short for a long while because we were delayed an hour. It was a pretty Georgian sunrise and that's the end of that story.
The rest of the trip was spent on a teeny tiny plane to Wilmington with maybe 60 people on it. My first time ever actually going up the stairs from the outside! Teehee! So that was only an additional 50 minute trip and I sorta slept thru that as well. Both flights were clear skied and bump free... and my throat feels divine so that's a good sign!
The rest of the day was lounging, eating/drinking at a pub downtown, and shopping at the Cotton Exchange and then a quick jaunt to the mall.
So now it's movie time! Tina just ordered The Ring 2/Ringu double feature. Yep, I'm sleepin well tonight!
~*~Raevyn Mystique~*~

Thursday, December 08, 2005

Welcome To My World

The sky is broken and I think it’ll take a little more than a vaccine to sculpt it all back together… it’s the festering neon distractions that bring me to you in these porcelain twilights… but it’s not like you killed someone… dysfunctional lullabies masquerading as pop songs swim the turbulent waters by our side… control abounds with Excalibur in your hand and my insecure vibrations become highlighted under the luminous shadow of your dominance… the balance profound even to me… if I’m killed by the questions like a cancer then I’ll be buried in the silence of the answer… I’d take your steady hand and surrender all control to this desire that consumes me whole if the cosmos so decreed… I’d proudly soar your oceans of the Underworld if it promised this orgasmic Prozac high forever… I know I’m no angel, but does that mean I won’t fly?... but always with a Blink ~ everything’s been augmented and you’re left behind, I’m left behind… again… just a lonely soul in a mysterious sky… Brutally Faithless… and I’m so lonely I don’t even want to be with myself anymore… meet me in Outer Space – we could spend the night watching earth come up… I need you to see this place!... but my stellar garlands that adorn this Armageddon are guarded by tattooed junkies and playboy mommies… by my weaknesses… by me… in the Shadow boy meets man… somehow you sneak past when you caress my paper cut wounds – challenging my everything until there’s a crack in the wall… I tried to find bliss in ignorance, but your tainted purity eclipsed my quest… that matured and worn innocence you have locked inside your layers of atmospheric wisdom… behind the prison bars your maladjusted scales scream under the weight of your gained insight acquired from years of built up trial-and-error experience… of mistakes long since learned from… but it appears even a feather could outweigh the crumb of spiritual intuition remaining on the opposite tray… Chaos lurks in the adjoining cell for that final crumb to combust… your Fallen Angel… I am your pollution manifested in perpetual sound… a Dark Chylde seeking to bring you back the light I fear I’ll never find for myself… just as you are my Lost Reality, I am to you a succubus of sorts, designed to lead you off your path… the sun goes down… I feel the light betray me… I know I’m not perfect… but I can smile….

~*~Raevyn Mystique~*~