Thursday, March 29, 2012

Notes On Things (and things of note)

  • Listening to my iPod in alphabetical order by song has proven to be a better song shuffler than the "shuffle" option itself.
  • Upon listening to my iPod in this way has also proven to me that many artists have blocks of songs starting with the same letter.... here's me: "Hm, I haven't heard any Muse in awhile."  Here's my iPod, on the letter "S": 8 Muse songs (I'm only up to "G", *sigh*)
  • For some reason, 8GB of music is not enough and I struggle every time I want to put new music onto my iPod with the decision of what songs to leave behind, as if I will never hear them again.
  • Discovering Pinterest has made my days at work far less boring.  Follow me here
  • With my current obsession with Cookie Butter (and the unfortunate discovery of it being sold at my local Whole Foods store), it's a terrible thing to have found this (don't worry, I'll  make it soon.):
  • I have a friend crush on my Zumba instructor.  We should totally be bffs, if only because we live in the same town (and all my other friends live 25-50 minutes away).  Found out that her b-day is the day before mine!  We should hang out.  All.The.Time.
  • I have too many places I want to go before the world ends end of the year, how to decide?!?
  • One of those places is North Carolina.  I miss my old bestie.
  • Another place is Montana.  I miss my physics friend.
  • Neither of those states were ever on my bucket list until I had friends move there (p.s. please come "home").
  • For some strange reason, I like planning things.  Camping trips, Costa Rica vacations, birthday parties, dinner... Am I a closet control freak?  Maybe.
  • Currently planning my birthday (which happens to be the day before Easter this year, blah) here:Pinned Image
  • When did volunteering become so tiring?  When my telescope operator training last night lasted until 11 pm, when it was scheduled to end at 9:30 pm.  And really?  How is learning the History of Telescopes (again) going to help me operate one?!?  Ok, I may just be super tired.  I was probably the only schmuck there who decided to start volunteering somewhere that takes 45 minutes to get to from their house.  But who's counting?  (That's actually less than my commute time to work, believe it or not)
  • Thinking about buying a house-soonishly.  Any idea how much I need at contract signing?  20% isn't looking very feesible in Marin County, even with house prices on the low side.  Also, any idea how much additional monthly costs can range (for insurance, etc... anything that isn't the mortgage payment)?  Trying to create a budget is hard.

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Zane Stafford said...

The best thing I ever did was delete half the albums on my iPhone. Hard to let go of the selection, but now when it shuffles I always get something I like. :o)