Wednesday, June 20, 2007

Soccer Funtimes

And indeed it was (funtimes, that is)! We had minor setbacks upon arrival to decided on field at Stonebrae School. Setbacks being that the fields (yep, 2 fields of awesome gopher-free goodness) were being hoarded by hoodlums. Okay, okay. They probably weren't hoodlums, seeing how they were playing some organized sports, but there were so freaking many of them! Why do they have to practice on the days that we want to get out and run around? Do we seriously have to organize ourselves into a "real" team onto a league in order to play on the good fields? So, we moved on over to the classics - East Ave School. It would be nice if it were flat, but you take what you can get. All seven of us got out and ran our arses off for about two hours. Sweet! Obviously, we didn't play full field, lest our legs fall off. So we played half (give or take), three on three, with rotating goalie. If you scored, goalie comes out and you take their place. It works out. Except that I never make any goals, so I never get to be goalie (ie, take a break). Hopefully next week we get some more peeps. I miss having a real game! If we got everyone to come who says they are going to come, we could totally do it. But we somehow tend to always have seven people. Not necessarily the same seven people. It's fun! It's exercise! And if you stretch properly before and after, it only hurts a little bit the next day. Or the next two days.
The rebar is calling. I have 76 to test by the end of today. Looks like I'll be here all night unless I have some super powers I haven't yet discovered that will suddenly go into effect right...

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