Wednesday, June 27, 2007

Every Time I See Your Bubbly Fade, I Get The Tingles In A Silly Place

My back hurts. It sucks getting older. I remember thinking when I was younger that it was weird how adults don't want to sit on the floor anymore and compain about their backs a lot. And now I see myself arriving at that place. Yuck! I decided I needed a break from my manual labor job in order for my back to not completely crumble underneath me while on a ladder. Cuz that would be oh-so-bad!!! Stupid back.
I'm sure it didn't help that I played soccer last night. For a long time. But it was so fun! We had an actual game (sort of)! 12 people came this week, woohoo! Go people! We got our run on for 2 whole hours! On the good field!!! It's awesome when people share. The other team that was practicing was kind enough to let us use half of the field. Oddly, it was chilly last night. I guess our latest hot streak is over for the time being. Unbeknownst to me, of course, who wore soccer shorts and a tee-shirt instead of pants. Oops. For the most part, I kept warm by running as much as possible. But by 8:30, no running was keeping me warm in the slightest. And my back was arguing with me to stop anyways. So I went for another half an hour with my sweatshirt until the rest of the group had had enough. Ah, summer days. Playing until 9 at night is quite possibly the best thing ever.
Monday we buried my grandma. I'm not really sure what else I can say about that. It was nice to have closure. My grandpa is not doing well. I really hope that he can semi-move on before he delves much deeper into his depression. It's a beautiful thing to see someone love someone else as much as he does. But it's a terrifying thing to see what happens when one of them goes. We all miss her. I think about her every day. It's hard not to.
Saw 1408 on Sunday. AWESOME! Go see it.
My friend Aubrey turned 30 on Saturday, and Bobby threw her a huge bash at his parent's house. There was much dancing, drinking, game playing, and swimming. I somehow forgot about my bathing suit, which was left in my car until last night. Now it smells. Bad. Really, really bad. Like, I might have to throw it away bad. I rinsed it, washed it... to no avail. I will rinse and wash once more before I lose all hope.
Let's try this work thing again.

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