Thursday, February 23, 2006

I love this girl!

How well do you know the first person on your top eight...fill in the blanks about them...

1. Name: Sarah (poohead, poo)

2. age: 24

3. birthday: 4/8

4. how long have you known this person: 10 or 11 years

5. are you related: No but we might as well be

6. where does this person live: Oakland, Ca

7. how often do you see them: Not often enough

8. when was the last time you talked in person: 2ish weeks ago

9. on myspace: Never

10. on the phone: last week.

11. how did you meet this person: We went to High School together. I always called her Tanya

12. their favorite color: Blue. Red

13. when will you see this person next: Not soon enough

14. Have you ever kissed this person: Yes

15. What kind of music do they like: A mix of everything

16. whats their best feature: Her hair is pretty keen with the dye and fun colors.

17. whats your favorite memory of this person: All of them

18. what does this person like to do for fun: Hang out with pals

19. what are your true feelings toward this person: She is the little sister I never had.

20. in 10 years do you think you'd still place this person at the top of your top 8: Yes

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"how well do you know the 1st person in your top 8"

(From my Myspace page via Sierra - smoochies, girl!)

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Sierra said...

Aww! I love you too poo.