Tuesday, February 14, 2006

Fun Times At The Yert!

If only it were still the weekend! Then this stoopid day would never have come to pass. It only reminds me of bad times, of lonely times. I've become comfortable in my lonliness... enough to even say I'm not as lonely anymore. I'd say that's a good thing! I've been walking a lot lately. It's been so nice outside I can't resist myself! Who wants to sit at a desk for 8 hours straight, anyways? So I grab my little red mp3 player and march on out the door when the clock strikes 12 and just walk. So far it's only been down Bollinger Canyon, but I like that street. I walk about 15 minutes in one direction and then 15 minutes back to the chair. Not too shabby, it's about a mile and a half or so all together.

Yesterday, I didn't walk. My calves hurt. I went to the yert over this last beautiful (did I mention beautiful?) weekend with Ben, Jessa, and Simone. Jamohn and Sally stopped by on their way to Monteray (which I'm pretty sure is not on the way, but it was still nice to see them!) and Logan and Kristen actually showed up in the late night to join in the festivites! Fun was had by all. We spent much of the night attempting to make the playstation work as a dvd player, but to no avail. Well, to minor avail. We managed to get the Matrix:Reanimated to work, but no one was really into watching that one (again). So mostly Ben played video games and we chatted and ate. And ate. And ate. And ate. We ate a lot! For some reason, camping = eating. I don't know.

Sunday morning we all woke up pretty early and drove down to Boulder Creek in Logan's Suburban ("Big Foot" - yes, Logan is now in charge of Big Foot! Yay!) for coffee and breakfast downtown. Boulder Creek is awesome. Everything is very mountain-y, which I love. Little art stores all over and coffee shops that aren't Starbucks (and actually better, yum yum for the Mocha Chai!) and pubs, etc. You get the picture. So we grubbed on some breakfasts and coffees and meandered to Big Basin for a wee hike. Not so wee obviously, since my calves hurt.

Big Basin was just as I remebered it. I love that place. We actually haven't been camping there in a couple of years, but I must say it's one of my favorite spots. Many a memory there with a miasma of different people. Some good, some not so good. But memories, no less. Usually when I go with my family we do the bike riding thing, so it was nice to hike a little. We went on the Sempervipen Falls hike, about 5 miles, I'd say, round trip. Easy hiking for the most part. Unfortunately the whole hike there followed alongside the road that leads to the campgrounds, so it lacked a little there. The waterfall was huge and flowing incredibly well! Ban wanted to jump in but there were the signs posted and once we cooled down from the hike he realized how cold it would be. It still would've been fun, I say. From the waterfall we found a nook near Slippery Rock for "resting" and from there we hiked a different way back, not alongside the road. Now, I'm all about walking in circles instead of straight lines, so I was glad we all finally consulted the $3 trail map we bought at Headquarters instead of walking back the same way we came in. It was much nicer, quieter, and a little more challenging. I'm thinking that's where my calves kicked in full time. It was a lot of up on the offset, but followed the creek for pretty much the rest of the way.

Then, back to the yert we went for clean up and packing. This went pretty swiftly by and we were back on the road. It took about an hour to drive home and we vegged at Ben's while he BBQ-ed and I was pooped so I traversed home pretty early for some shower and sleep.

Like I said, why does the weekend have to be over already? I have next Monday off which is yay, but no plans yet. The cabin will be the following weekend - I hope it snows before then! Geesh it's like Springtime here already!



Shiva said...

Logan is in charge of Bigfoot? Oh, that makes my heart hurt. That was a Josh original... but I guess if anybody has to have it other than the Fosters then Logan is the next best. At least he will take care of it. I could tell you some STORIES about the back of that 'burban I'll tell you. heheheh. Where did you find a yurt?

raevynmystique said...

I guess the yurt came with the land they bought, but it's friggin' awesome! It's like a small house or a huge tent, I'm not sure which. I think it's hard to get permits to build out there, but a non-permanent building (such as a yurt) is okay.
Yeah, Logan's got the 'burban now, it kicks major butt! He put the engine from Langley's old brown truck in it so it would run and it does! Quite well, actually! I'm pretty sure everyone has stories in Big Foot (but prolly not as many as you, haha).