Wednesday, May 09, 2012

Where I've Been For a Month

I've had a busy spring!  I had 3 weekends of birthdays (can't complain about that, seriously!), my boyfriend and I celebrated our 4th Anniversary together (not pictured), and I've been sneaking in longer and longer hikes, trying to test my calf to see how far I can go without it complaining to me.  Made it 4 miles last weekend, and it was fine!  A little sore, but that was to be expected since I avoid exercising my calves at the gym to all extents.  I'm just so glad to be out and about in this glorious Cali weather!  I can't wait to sneak in more hikes, but that may have to wait a few weekends.  More busy-times for the next few weekends: Zumba Flash Mob this Saturday (see my instructor dance our routine here) followed by my best friend from elementary/middle school's daughter's 6th birthday, Mommy's Day Sunday (we'll be walking/hiking at Lake Chabot, so yay!), Night School: Prom at Chabot Space & Science Center (where I volunteer now - but I'll be attending this event, not working it!), volunteering for the Maker's Faire next Saturday followed by a friend's birthday bbq, a Bridal Shower on Sunday,... then the following weekend is Memorial Day (aka my boyfriend's b-day weekend-he has yet to make plans)!  Wowzers!  

Birthday #1 (Santa Cruz Beach Boardwalk with my friends):

Easter Hike (Lime Kilns in Henry Cowell State Park):

Birthday #2 (Angel Island with my family):

Birthday #3 (Golden Gate Park with my Chico bestie):

Hiking to the Novato Waterfall with my Mommy/Daddy friends:

First Friday/Art Murmur funtimes in Oakland with my late night friends:

Hiking at Mt. Tamalpais near Stinson Beach with my bestie, boyfriend, and new friend:

Don't worry, I've still been cooking, recipes to come soon (for those without links):
Spicy Basil Chicken - 248 Cal per serving (pictured with roasted broccoli) 
Saag Tofu - 225 Cal per serving
Scallops with Pea Pods and Corn - 296 Cal per serving
Cauliflower Crust Pizza - Calories vary depending on sauce and toppings used 
Seared Scallops with Cauliflower, Brown Butter, and Basil - 331 Cal per serving
Salt and Pepper Shrimp - 458 Cal per serving
Fried Sesame Brown Rice with Edamame - 573 Cal per serving
Stovetop Avocado Macaroni & Cheese - 555 Cal per serving
Beer Battered Fish Tacos with Tomato-Avocado Salsa - 409 Cal per serving (cheese not included)

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