Thursday, June 11, 2009

Diet Update: Week 3

Ok, well I know I kinda stopped reporting things. I have yet to weigh myself again cuz I have this teeny weeny feeling that those 5 lbs didn't stay off as I would have liked. But I am not all the way discouraged yet! I have been *trying* to stick with it! This week is looking a lot better than last. So I'll just put up my thus far results for this week:

1 Special K 180
1 Soy Chai (w/light soy) 140
1 Slim Fast 180
1 Srvg Cheesy Garlic Orzo 252
1 Srvg Chicken w/mushroom sauce 225
2 Miller Lights 130
Subtotal 1107
30 min Gym: Cardio -277
Total 830

1 Special K 180
1 Soy Chai (w/light soy) 160
1 Slim Fast 180
1 Srvg carrots/hummus 95
1 Salad w/avo,chic,cuc 335
0.5 Srv Orzo 113
1 Grilled Cheese on wheat 485
Subtotal 1548
43 min Gym: Cardio + resistance (arms) -400
Total 1148

1 Soy Chai w/ light soy 160
1 Special K 180
1 Srv carrots/hummus 95
1 Taco Bell Taco 170
1 Taco Bell Burrito 370
1 Lucca's Deli Sammie 807
Subtotal 1782
2 hr Soccer -922
Total 860

So today will be much the same. Special K breakfast, Slim Fast lunch (I know, I skipped it yesterday and got some Taco Bell, but I went from 3 Taco Bell items down to 2 and one can only have Slim Fasts for lunch so many times! Besides, I think the 2 hrs of soccer deserved some more calories beforehand anyways), I think sushi for dinner. Tho, I will be getting mostly sashimi this time since rice = calories and fish = not so many calories! I will be hitting the gym again, providing my legs don't feel like jello by then from the soccer-ing yesterday... maybe no resistance today, however. We'll see how I feel by then. Tomorrow is yoga! So I feel pretty decent about this week. I may actually check in with the ol' scale tomorrow to see whether I am actually making any progress, or if those 5 initial lbs were, in fact, only because I was sick that week. Cross your fingers! I *need* to fit into that damned bridesmaid dress by July 11th!!!!!

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