Thursday, July 03, 2008

10,000 Days

Sierra: Yay for awesome hikes

me: i know! it was perfect weather yesterday
Sent at 10:23 AM on Thursday

me: we had to walk past a huge group of cows
i was scared
pretty sad, i know

Sierra: why were you scared of the cows?
Have you been bum rushed by cows before?

me: no but there were so many of them!
they could totally crush me by head butting me or something

Sierra: OK
you are funny

me: have you ever had to walk past cows before?
theyre intimidating, man!

Sierra: lol
Um yeah but I think usually they are behind a fence
One day all the grazing cows came over to watch me run by it was cute
Sent at 10:32 AM on Thursday

me: these guys were in the pathway
like 10 of them
all staring at us with their dead eyes

Sierra: did you find it creepy?

me: i wanted to run
do you think cows can sense fear?
or are they too stupid?

Sierra: I dunno
I would be afraid to run

me: i was wearing red too
i think that's a myth
and they were all girl cows

Sierra: I think it's ok as long as they wern't bulls
hee hee hee


Sierra said...

Dude you totally did not post the link. I think I love that conversation. I heart you!!

Shiva said...

omg next time you talk to Diane, ask her about the cow ranch we stopped next to on the freeway in the fiero on the way back from LA. Totally freaking creepy