Monday, June 02, 2008

Eating Seeds As A Pastime Activity

The results are in:
I am no longer on academic probation.
And thank goodness!
The official grades are:
Quantum Mechanics = B+
Astrophysics = A-
Total GPA = 3.17
Woooooo! I mean, it's not anything to write home about and it won't get me into any ph.d programs, but it gives me a wee amount of breathing room for next semester. In which I am taking Statistical Mechanics, Undergrad E&M II (retaking it since I learned zippo the first time 'round and I have to take a grad level E&M class in the spring), GRE Physics Prep Class (have to pass the GRE with 25th %ile or better in order to graduate), and General Relativity (taken credit/no credit only since it'll be independent study). So um yeah. I'll be a busy busy bee next year if I want to graduate next May. Honestly? We'll see what happens.
So.. since school is over, I have not much else to report. Work is lame since the economy is not so good right now. So I am not allowed to help with testing in the lab for the time being so that the lab guys have enough work to do... but that means I am working only on reports which can get tedious and old pretty fast. Plus, it depends on what those lab guys are doing on how much work I have since I pretty much get paid to make their test results look presentable. Whatevs. At least it pays the bills. I just hit my 4 year mark with the company and haven't had a raise in over a year... but I doubt I can ask for one due to afore-mentioned economy crisis. C'mon economy! Pick it up! People! Start building things again! Sarah needs something to do this summer!
Enough with the rant.

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