Tuesday, January 30, 2007

Don't waste your time or time will waste you

It has been far too long since I have been to a concert! So when Simone reminded me that Muse was coming to town in April, I decided to buy us a pair of tickets. Yay! I lurve concert-going! Should be a good show. Their newest cd is pretty awesome. I would know, as I haven't removed it from my cd player in a month or so. Woo, music! I still need to locate some moolah in order to purchase their previous cd, but I fear not that it will be equally awesome, if not more so.

This whole posting thing is kinda weird. It's been so long since I have updated on a semi-regular basis, I think I forgot how!

Last night I went to sushi with my loverly soon to be ex-roommate Logan and Simoney. We went to Ta-Ke Sushi in Oakland on Grand (or maybe Lakeshore? Not sure). So good! I love that place! It will be a sad day when it's not close to home anymore. I'd better eat there again before I move back home to the CV. Yeah, definitely need to eat there at least one more time. It was good to talk to Logan. I was a little worried about how he was doing. But he seems pretty okay when it comes down to it. He's totally stoked about this new place he'll be moving into with the Dylan-type folk this month. A huge Victorian house in San Ramon, I guess. Like 4300 square feet and shit. I don't even know what I would do with that much space to fill! Aside from that, it seems as though things with the Kristen are going all right with him. They're gonna do the friend thing, which is a definite plus. I hope they can make that work. 2 years is a long time to spend with another human being to not be friends afterwards. Unless, of course, the 2 years was crap like in some situations which I won't mention here but most people know what I'm referring to anyways.

After that, we watched last week's 24 so that I could tape over it with this week's 24. All so we could watch Heroes. Sometimes I wish I watched less tv. But then I remember that I get way too stressed out when I do other things. My brain sometimes needs the tv to stop it from thinking about other silly things that I'd rather not waste my time on. Not a good reason to promote tv watching, I know. But with the school coming back into the picture, I can justify it for the time being. Because once the schooling starts back up, I won't have time for anything except physics, physics, physics.

Speaking of tv, is Lost back yet? I'm having major withdrawls, here! I think it starts back next week and I am oh-so-grateful that it will be 16 episodes in a row with no breaks, repeats, or shenanigans. Altho, this whole waiting 2 months to get my fix is pretty ridiculous.

Ok, done venting now.

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