Wednesday, September 13, 2006

Physics GRE

Yep... driving me crazy. I have 2 months to remember everything I learned in six years. It's possible, I know. But that doesn't make it any easier, really. Harrumph. So I've just been keeping busy with reviewing my old notes, doing practice problems on the most basic of levels, and making as many note cards as humanly possible. At some point I need to sit down and take one of the two practice tests I have in my possession. Only two. So I figure I'll save those for last. Then I can sit down in my 170 minute time allotment and crank out all 100 problems. You heard me right. 100 problems in 170 minutes. Less than 2 minutes per problem. So I really need to know this stuff. Breathe it. Be able to look at the problem and know what the answer is without having to do any extensive math or derivations. My friend Josh has the utmost faith in my abilities since I have the math background. I, on the other hand, have less faith in myself. I'm scared to death. He took the test twice and did not do so well either time. But it is extremely helpful that he has taken it twice. It means that he knows what is or what is not important. So he's given me an outline to make the best use of my time remaining:

Lagrangian/Hamiltonian Mechanics

The only reason that Quantum is second on the list is because that's the most recent of things I learned that I am relatively comfortable with. So yeah. I have my work cut out for me. But it's for the best. At least I have a plan. I was trying to work problems from some book claiming to be a Physics GRE Prep Book and getting nowhere fast. Josh basically told me to throw the book away. None of the problems they use are in any way related to the test. So that made me feel a wee bit better. A wee.
Tonight my buds are coming over for study time. Granted we will all be studying various subjects as we are all studying various things, but it will be nice to have some people around who are also trying to get work done. 2 months. Seems like a long time and yet it feels like forever. Only because I'm stressing out so much about the test. I need to just chill. Perhaps take a vacation or two. Oh, right! I am taking a vacation or two! Woohoo! Except that both of them will have to have some study time included. Yucky. Who wants to study in Maui? Not me. But I must. And then I'm going to see my sissy after that for a few days of Universal Studios and Disneyland madness. I doubt I'll study there. I'd study on the plane except that it's only like an hour and I can't do much in an hour aside from organize my 15 books of reference. Well, we shall see how it all pans out.
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