Friday, September 01, 2006

I Miss My Hair's short now. In case you haven't seen it yet, go here.
I got it did last Saturday before my company picnic. I must admit, I was freakishly nervous. Thankfully, I had all three of my favorite local people there with me. My sister being the biggest help of them all, of course. Since she cut her hair drastically many, many years ago, this totally makes sense. I really wasn't sure what I should do (ie, how to style it in the shorter length-layers or bangs or whathaveyou), but Becky had it down in her mind, so I left it to her to describe it to the hairdresser.
Went to a new place in Pleasanton which a friend recommended a couple of weekends ago wakeboarding. Yep, I tried wakeboarding. 'Twas hard. Really, really hard. Much harder than it looks, even. I kept watching person after person get right up and play around on the wakes. But me? Me no get it. Well, I think I got pretty close, but I didn't actually stand up all the way. Logan, Kristen and I went to New Malones (spelling?) Reservoir near Angel's Camp. Dylan met us there, at Vic (Cliff's cousin) and Kristin's house in Angel's Camp where the three of us (not Dylan) stayed the night. We took up Kristen's parent's boat and quite frankly had a blast! There is absolutely nothing wrong with riding around in a boat all day on a lake that is comfortably cool. So I wasn't upset when I couldn't get up on the wakeboard the first day. The second day did not provide any additional luck in my direction, however. I did manage to get up about halfway on 2 occasions. I thought for sure I had it on the next try. But alas, I did not. I actually managed to smoosh and squish my fingers between the edge of the board and the ropetow. Poop. And ouch. My knuckles on my middle fingers have not yet recovered completely. So better luck next time, I guess.
Anyways, back to the hair. It was per Kristin's recommendation that I go to this particular hair place. And rightly so! She did a pretty awesome job!
So I walk in and sit down and she comes over to talk to me (aka Becky) about how I want it cut yaddayadda. And since I was cutting off a lot, she asked if I would like to donate it. Which of course I did. So off went the 1 foot of healthy, naturally blonde locks to a happy cancer patient.
I miss my hair. I keep playing with it, amazed at how soonly my fingers reach the bottom of my hair when I run them through it.
Buuuuut... all in all, it looks pretty good.
A nice change.
For now, anyways.

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shiva said...

Yep I love it, it looks very good and darling, it was time for a change.