Wednesday, May 31, 2006

I am so bored! Apparently I work too fast, so now there isn't really anything to do. I guess that's a good thing... getting caught up and all. But now I am just sitting here. My boss is out picking up his son from the airport and Ryan just went to visit his sister in the hospital. That makes me want to go visit Sierra in the hospital. Except that Ryan's sister is in Alameda and Sierra is in Chico. Chico = much, much farther away. I hope she's feeling better! I called her earlier since I haven't heard anything since Saturday, but she didn't answer which leads me to believe that she is still in there. Hopefully she's getting all caught up on the latest Soap gossip or something!
Lalala. Typatypatypa. I guess I could just go home early. I know I'll have work tomorrow and possibly Friday too, but not today it seems. Carol from the Soils Lab may have me help her with some data entry, but she seemed too swamped to even train me on that, so we shall see. She said that she would come and find me. That was awhile ago. An hour maybe? Hum. And la.
It's my sister's birthday today and she isn't here. She'll be here soon, but not until Monday I think. Today she is at a spa all day and I'm totally jealous. My brain feels like jello. I can't even think straight cuz I am so freakin' bored. I can't decide which is better: being overwhelmed with work that is boring or being underwhelmed with work that is fun. Maybe it will pick up soon. Gosh, I hope so.
Yay! Sierra just called me and she is alive, woo! She is still in the hospital, but she sounds like she is doing ten times better, so that is good. I think she will get to leave tomorrow. And she says she's coming down in a month or so for Elizabeth's wedding so that means that I'll get to see her soon too! Yippee!
Ok, well I'm obviously not the creative type today so I'm going to stop the blabbery typing and find something else to do for a little bit.
*~*Raevyn Mystique~*~


Sierra said...

I love you poo! I feel like shit but I'm no longer a prisoner so YAY!

shiva said...

WTF happened to Sierra? And Elizabeth is getting married? Fill me in!