Tuesday, November 22, 2005

Secession to Lust

Approach the hours of midnight doom,
Where eyes of lust control the room
And from the bowels of Society's gloom,
Innocent passion devours the womb.

A dark echo lullaby song
Fills sinful halls of every wrong
As Evil sharpens His final prong~
Each second outlasting eternities long.

Truth sees through the layers of flair,
Disguised as demons determined to scare
Who beckon with their hypnotic glare
For those wanting in to the mysterious lair.

With morals forgotten, the Angel lies cold~
Releasing the mind from Reality's hold.
Only now could a soul to the Devil be sold,
Transforming the weak into statues of gold.

The prison gates open without any heed,
Exposing Shadows of Chaos in chains to be freed.
The key to this liberty revolves with great speed
Once finished obtaining Humanity's greed.

Infinite fantasies will continue to rot,
For Dragon an Mermaid beliefs, there are not~
And Moon-Dancing Faeries are nearly forgot~
Until Creativity is encouraged in thought.

Lack of Imagination will leave Dreams bleak,
Saving space for later emotions to speak
Of seductive tangos from yesterday's sleek
Or the whip of zephyrs for tomorrow's meek.

The senses are organized and built on ties~
Study the shape with questioning eyes,
It guides lingering fingers to match sight and size...
Together Visual and Touch will reveal bluer skies.

Sensuality is shared without needing a sign,
Bringing euphoric caresses that feel wholly divine;
It crawls onto the flesh and down through the spine,
Weaving over both bodies like a creeping vine.

The tingling goodness from inside the core
Errupts in a flash with a satisfied roar.
Clouds of ecstasy never visited before
Unite these two beings in a heap on the floor.

To manipulate the realm, remember the flow:
The line that lies between friend and foe
Blurs at the edges to form status quo,
Suppressing the love that yearns to grow.

If anonymous masks of statuesque stone
Are removed, the vulnerable left standing alone,
Then Love's Embrace can take over the throne~
Inhibitions forced off of the road that is known.

To pick the right path can easily fail,
There are countless walls to the mental jail;
Each must collapse so Fate's Train can derail~
Waters of Destiny drowning what will entail.

Written by ~*~Raevyn Mystique~*~

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Shiva said...

That's fabulous!

And you have elementary school geek at the top.

That rocks.