Wednesday, November 30, 2005

On Another Note...

Go here for some hilarities, c/o Sierrera (miss you!).
If I actually felt better, I might type some interesting occurrances from Las Vegas. Quite frankly, I feel like utter crap and I'm not even sure why I came to work today 'cept that I need the money (yep, good ol' clutch has finally started to slip) and really had nothing better to do. Mayhaps in the later-ons I will divulge some (and boy do I mean SOME) Vegas secrets, seeing as how the Loge-sters (aka Logan) got us all hooked up with the internet yesterday.
All looped up on DayQuil (WOO!),
~*~Raevyn Mystique~*~

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Shiva said...

I like how he says "You name it, I've crayoned the shit out of it."

Ah yeah.