Tuesday, October 02, 2012

Remembering To Post

Sometimes I post my blog as my website on other people's blogs. And it's then that I remember just.how.long.it's.been... since I stopped in to say, "hello!"

So I'm stopping in. To say, "hello!"


I'm not Vegan anymore (boy was that rough!), but I am now back from Burning Man and meat-free. I wanted to be part of the meal groups at Burning Man in our camp, so I decided that in an effort to actually eat better than 3 servings of top ramen a day, I'd eat meat at dinner. But now? No more meat. Seafood, yes. Dairy, yes. But no chicken, beef, or pork. And that has really not been very hard, at all. I feel great, really. I've switched over from soy milk to almond milk, which I like better. I don't want to eat too much soy and the soy milk wasn't really necessary, so easy to let go of. Now my overnight oats are made with honey (the agave nectar was freaking me out, actually - too close to high fructose corn syrup and too many mixed reviews on the healthfulness of the product, even if I was only ingesting 1 tsp per day) and almond milk (and oats and chia seeds and fruit). I like all the veggies we're eating. I like that my boy eats all these veggies with me! He hasn't added meat to our dinner in a realllly long time! Not to say he doesn't miss it, but he's embraced my eating style. It helps to have fish and shrimp and scallops back in the mix, but he has OFFERED to make me vegetarian meals on a few occasions! He's made me this healthy baked eggplant parmesan (from Eating Well) twice (nomnom) and has requested the following recipe a few times, which I finally made him again last night (Real Simple's Chickpea-spinach curry with cucumber yogurt sauce, 277 Cal per serving? yes, please!). If it's indian food, he's all in for the win, no meat necessary.  Yay!  Now the question is what we're going to do now that our local Farmer's Market is over?!?  Safeway veggies just aren't the same and we're hardly ever close enough to home on the weekend to hit up one of our neighboring city's Farmer's Markets.  *sigh* We'll just have to try harder! That said, at least I get my tuesday evenings back for gym-time. It's too easy to slack off when I don't go on Tuesdays!  Back today, you better believe it!

On a side note, my friend has started a sci-fi/fantasy book club. First up for October is Neuromancer, by William Gibson. It was on NPR's Your Picks: Top 100 Science-Fiction, Fantasy Books and sounds pretty good. I'll post a review when I'm done!  Any recommendations for future books?

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