Saturday, December 29, 2007

If You Show Me Heaven I Will Meet You There

Well, evil demon-lady gave me a B-. I should be happy it isn't a C, but I worked my ass off for a freakin' B-. That means that if I don't get a combo of a B+ and a B or better next semester, I am out of the program.
I hope she's happy.
And to think, I still have another class to take from her before my time at SFSU is done. And it's a harder class. Vomit.


Christine said...

zomg I just found your blog again!

how's it hanging sugar?

Sarah said...

Haha... I need to post again, too. Much going on in the life of me. And not enough time to discuss :( I'll try to update again soonishly for you, if not anyone else! Misses and kisses!!!