Tuesday, March 06, 2007

It's A New Dawn

I went to the gas station the other day and thought "hmmmm, some water might be nice." You see, it was pretty warm outside (I love California) and I was ever-so-parched. So I walk to the back of the mini-mart and there's a sign posted on the glass for $1 Dasani, 1 pt. Yay! $1. Not too bad of a deal. A small bargain, if you ask me.
To my dismay, the cashier at the front said that it was only $1 after you bought one at regular price. Confused, I went back to the rear of the store to re-read the sign posted on the glass. Nope, nothing on it said anything about having to purchase 2 in order to get the $1 deal.
Is this not misadvertising? What could I do? I made a small hubbub at the counter where the lady and what looked like her manager were talking. It wasn't like an AMPM or some huge chain, just a small gas station. But I feel that it was wrong of them to advertise $1 water when it was not, in fact, $1 at all! Can I report them to some sort of false advertising agency? Then will I get the water for $1?

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