Tuesday, June 13, 2006

Starbucks Discovery

Did you know that a venti starbucks has the same amount of espresso as the grande? They just add more milk to the venti! I feel totally gipped! All this time I was getting the larger size, thinking that spending that little bit more money on a commodity I neither need nor can afford was waking me up a little bit more! But no! I actually need to fork over even more dough if I want the venti to actually be worth that extra 4 ounces of drink! I am flabberghasted that no one had ever mentioned it to me before. All my time spent in Starbucks, getting to know each and every barista, and nothing! I had to overhear it from some bubbley blonde girl in pigtails shining a fake smile from here to neverland while batting her lashes over blue contact lens laden eyeballs.

I need to find a new cafe.

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