Monday, April 10, 2006


I have the bestest friends on the planet! Not only did I have an excellent birthday on Friday, but they threw me a surprise party on Saturday night, woo-hoo!
On Friday I had to work. I pulled a full day, even! My boss got me a cake and so we had some chat-time in the break room which was nice, especially for a Friday. It was chocolate with chocolate, but it was still good! I'm not going to complain about work-bought cake!
It started pouring down rain sometime before I left work at 4, so when I attempted to drive my birthday arse down Crow Canyon I discovered that it was totally stopped! I'm pretty sure the hills were trying to take over the road, so as soon as the "Road Work Ahead" came into view I flipped a bitch and went straight for the freeway. Not to mention that at that same instant my gas light flicked on. Hooray for having to buy gas in San Ramon! Actually, it wasn't so bad because the guy at the gas station (who was so short he had to stand on a footstool to see me and reach the cash register, but was cute no less) ran out before I left to give me a Red Bull (for drinking of the Jager Bombs or Red Bull and Vodkas) for my b-day! Woo hoo free Red Bull! So to the freeway I went. And then proceeded to get off the freeway and onto the secret side road that leads to Castro Valley cuz the freeway appeared to be having just as much troubles as Crow Canyon.
But alas, I made it! To my daddy's house in Castro Valley, that is. Just in time to leave again for the A Street Cafe (on A Street, actually) for my b-day din-din. I was craving French food for some strange reason, so that's what I picked for my fancy dinner. And fancy it was! We had escargot and duck pate appetizers. I had a glass of Shiraz cuz my mom talked me into it even tho I felt a little weird about it at first. For dinner, I chose the special: Ostrich in a red wine sauce with Cream of Asparagas Soup. Yum, yum! Ostrich est tres bon! My mom had veal and my dad ordered a rack of lamb. Everything was superb!
Anyhoo, after the fooding (which took two and a half hours), we drove back to my daddy's house and I traversed on to Simoney's house for some festivities.

Haha, I never made it to the party... well, anyways, I am going to post this and be done with it! 4/25/06

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